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Audi A3 wiper motor repair

  • Shipment & Reparation of your motor
  • Exchange repaired motor (Model A)
  • Exchange repaired motor (Model B)

£ 39.63

- Wiper Motor Repair (55€):

Disassemble your broken wiper motor & send it to our facilities.
We will proceed to repair the motor within 24-48h.
Once repaired the motor will be send back to you by Express mail.

- Exchange for a refurbished Wiper Motor (60€):

We will send by UPS Express one of our refurbished motors in stock (A or B motor).
Once you receive the working motor, you just need to replace it & send the broken motor back to us.
There is a 60€ deposit fee for this service.

60€ will be refunded once we receive your broken wiper motor.
(The motor can not be manipulated)

Wiper Motor - Audi A3

Desde hace años es conocido el problema del motor del limpia tras instalar kits de Xenon convencionales.
Audi tiene conocimiento de este problema y por lo tanto dicha reparación está fuera de garantia tal y como indican por circular interna a todos sus talleres. 

The only HID kits compatible with your Audi A3 is the Welldone A38P HID.

(Recently we added 2 new OEM HID kits, also compatible with Audi A3)

Unfortunately many people use to realize about the wiper motor problem too late & the motor is already broken.
For this reason, at Welldone we also repair the broken motors after using aftermarket HID kits.

To request a wiper motor repair you have to follow the next steps.
- Order the product online.
- Chose payment method: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal.
- Send your wiper motor to our facilities in Barcelona.

Claret 18
08903 - Hospitalet de Llobregat

There are 2 different versions of wiper motor from BOSCH for the Audi A3.

welldone audi A3 wiper motor

 A Model

Welldonehid Audi A3 wiper motor Xenon

 B Model.  

How to disassemble the wiper motor

desmontar motor limpia Audi A3


DIY to disassemble the wiper motor to proceed for the shipment & reparair.

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Audi A3 wiper motor repair

Audi A3 wiper motor repair

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