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Audi A3 (2003-2013)

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Xenon Welldone A38P

welldone bulb

Kit XENON especial para Audi A3 (2003-2009)

· 3 veces más potente que las halogenas (3200Lm)
· 100% Digital ballast
· Diseñado especialmente para Audi A38P
· Unico kit de Xenon del mercado seguro para el motor del limpia. 
· 100% Waterproof

Xenon Peugeot 407
      Lampara WELLDONE  (80V)           Lampara Compentencia (25.000V)
* Para el Audi A3 (2009-2013) tenemos un adaptador especial.



- Reino Unido:

- Francia:

- Portugal

- Ofrecemos 20% de descuento por Compras en Grupo.

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5 estrelas aconselho

Meti kit d2s no meu a3 da welldone e 5 estrelas aconselho

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Albert Pujol

Llevo un par de semanas con el y la verdad que hay un cambio brutal en la iluminacion. Todo se ve mucho mas claro, y te puedes anticipar a cualquier imprevisto. Muy facil montaje, cave todo dentro del faro. Yo no soy ningun experto y no tardas mas que para cambiar una bombilla halogena, en total 5-10 minutos lo tienes listo. No da fallo de bombilla fundida, ni interferencias en radio ni ningun otro sistema. Espero que siga asi. Gracias WellDone y en especial a Daniel.

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moteur essuie glace réparé fonctionne à nouveau !!

Salut a tous j'ai reçu mon colis cette semaine, je viens de finir le montage des xénon A38P pas d'erreur au tableau bord, et mon moteur essuie glace réparé fonctionne à nouveau !!

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tres años con u­n kit de xenon welld­one. Un 10

Llevo tres años con u­n kit de xenon welld­one especial anti rot­ura de limpia. Antes de este,puse uno canb­us de los tipicos. En­ efecto,rompi el moto­r del limpia. Los qui­ts de xenon welldone,­seran caros,pero vale­n la pena. En 3 años ­solo se me a fundido ­una bombilla. Destaca­r que llevo las luces­ siempre encendidas, ­de mañana y de noche.­ La calidad esta clar­o,no es como uno orig­inal,pero es tan buen­a o mas que unis tipi­cos. Ademas al ser di­gitales no tienen los­ parpadeos tipicos de­ los xinos. En fin es­ mi opinión con la ex­periencia con este k­it. Un 10

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Dont waste your time with other companys, go straight to WellDone!!

Hi everyone, just wanted to get some of this online for the world to see instead of just on my whatsapp account.

Fitted a projector kit with xenons/hid kit 7 months ago, wiper motor blew the other day, the seller of the original kit said it was wiper motor safe, so i got in touch and he kindly refunded my money and has been a star throughout this whole process.

Anyway, after this i thought hell best get a new kit pronto, being that my headlights were originally H7 but are now H1 fitment projectors, halogen bulbs would be a bit of a struggle so i was in a rush. Had i done my research this next bit wouldnt of happened...
I contacted HIDS4U :think: told them i have a 54 plate A3 and needed a H1 canbus safe hid kit plus their magical relay loom that solves all your lifes problems... "oh yes sir thats fine" "Are you sure this will work?" "Of course sir im 1000% sure" < and thats a quote, she said those exact words.

Righto i'll have that £105 later, got in the garage pulled the front end off, removed old kit, fitted new kit, doesnt work, bulb warnings everywhere and the bulbs dont even attempt to light. Great. Got on the phone, this time to a different customer service lady... "doesnt work" "What year is your car" " its a 54 plate" "Ah do you know if its a late 54? Because the kit doesnt work with 2005 models"

Great cheers for that, the only option they gave me was to send it back. Awesome. Wasted an entire afternoon, and for someone that starts work at 3am and had just worked a 9hour day on minimal sleep, my time is quite precious.

So then i got onto this little piece of heaven known as Well Done Lighting, dropped them a PM but then got impatient and found there contact number for Whatsapp, and bloody hell, had a reply in quite literally 10seconds, hella nice chap called Daniel i think, told me to remove my hid kit i had immediately (i cant for previously stated reasons) had a chat about wiper motors and other things, so i placed my order.

Next day i got a message saying "just modifying your kit so it will plug and play with your headlight setup" How heroic is that?!

Anyway thats about as far as i am at the moment, once i receive delivery and fit the kit i will post pictures and some more comments, but yeah dont waste your time with anyone other companys, go straight to WellDone!!

More details:

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qualidade 5 estrelas

Instalei o kit da well done,
qualidade 5 estrelas
serviço prestado pelo representante em Portugal 5 estrelas
facil de montar, balastros diferentes de todos os outros, quem olhar à primeira vista nem os vê
nao precisei ativar nada no VAG
o xenon é H7, o meu Argolas é um 8PA 2.0 tdi sportback de 11/2005

sem problemas até agora, tá de chuva e o limpa para brisas sempre a bombar
tudo instalado sem um unico fio à mostra
é caro mas funciona


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Comprei um kit xenon no OLX e montei no meu Audi A3 e no dia siguinte apercebo-me que queimo o motor das escovas limpa vidros, despois de investigar um pouco na net em alguns foruns apercebo-me que era problema já muito comun neste modelo encontrei este kit que soluciona este dito problema. Montei este kit no meu carro e ja anda montado a 2 semanas e o motor das escovas ta funcionar sem problema nenhum.

0 1 2 3 4

Es muy bueno y facil de montar

La verdad que se nota una gran diferencia de iluminacion y es muy facil de montar ya que te lo explican muy correctamente y te resuelvan cualquier duda que tengas. Estoy muy contento.

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